Vintage and Designer Market by Plaisir, in Chalet Garden

Friday, 28 June 2013 13:49

For the forth edition of the Vintage and Designer market, Plaisir is back in Chalet on Saturday, the 29th of June, from 12:30 to 20:00.

The garden will be open to everyone in love with fashion, design, rare and unique : the market will feature all things trendy, unique, vintage and handmade (boys and girls will be pleased !). 20 stands will mix vintage clothing and wonderful designs from local designers.

Come and spend your saturday in the Garden of Chalet, to shop, to have a drink, and enjoy this afternoon. In case of rain : no worries,the market will take place inside (in the nice and cosy first floor of Chalet)

Start your treasure hunt with a detox shot offered at the door, while listening to lovely beats provided by:

Mr monday :

Pavliné :

La fille :

A salty and sugary food stand by The Chick's Cakes :

Entrance : 2 euros (detox shot included)

Facebook event :

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The Word Magazine at Motto Berlin

Thursday, 27 June 2013 13:23

The Word Magazine is bi-annual print publication with international aspirations. They document neighborhood living, photography, fashion, music and art and the people, places, passions and projects, driving them. In addition to the magazine, they also run regular events (photography and art exhibitions, release parties), publish special artist editions (Five, Breasts) and produce a serie of online 'dossiers' presenting the best Belgium has to offer, from the best burger joints in the country to its best record stores and spaces for emerging art.

To celebrate the new edition "The Best Second Edition" hitting german newsstands, Word Magazine is taking over the inner courtyard of Motto Berlin dig for :

- an exhibition of 20 original works by Berlin-based illustrator Virassamy

- a concert by the Anna Thompsons (21h00)

- the premiere of Manifest, a short-movie directed by Lisa Lapierre exclusively for the Word Magazine

- site-specific DJ sets recorded by Rick Shiver, Walrus and Peter Power exclusively for Berlin

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Unknown Acts

Wednesday, 26 June 2013 14:01

Unknown Acts is a techno and ambient project created in October 2012 by Simon Uhoda and Julie Gamberoni. Their music comes from many feelings and a strong mutual inspiration.


You can listen to their tracks on their soundcloud :

You can buy "Jeux d'eau" (released on June 14) on bandcamp for 50cts (or more for more support)

Visuals by Szilvia Bolla

Jeux d'eau by unknownacts

They also participated in the "Incognito Podcast": the third podcast in the Incognito series that focuses on promoting the very talented producers that reside on Soundcloud. Most tracks on this podcast are not mastered, and as you will notice, the direction of this edition is ranging from experimental to ethnic to deep underground techno.

Incognito.03 - Soundcloud User Techno Podcast // Read info. by Ntogn

Their tumblr :

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Another Sound is Possible, Support a new club project Leipzig

Tuesday, 25 June 2013 15:19

This new project will focus on techno, house and more experimental styles of electronic music. Additionally, there will be educational and socio-cultural projects and initiatives involved in the project. Through the crowdfunding campaign 'Another Sound is Possible' the collective wants to raise money for a sound system from Kirsch Audio (30 000€ are needed for the sound system) to make the best use of the unique, post-industrial spaces of the venue.

The club will reach beyond the confines of house and techno and will be a space used for live concerts, experimental music showcases, art exhibitions, performances, and lectures. It’s not only the music and cultural events that are important, but also creating a space in which an open, creative, and tolerant cooperation can thrive – something that people unfortunately can’t find in many clubs.

This crowdfuning campaign is supported by:

://about blank, Adam X, Agony Forces aka P.E.A.R.L., Aiken, Albert van Abbe, Alessio Pili, Ancient Methods, ANFS, Anno Stamm aka Anstam, Audiolith, Basic House, Cio D'or, D.Carbone, Dadub, Dystopian, Giegling, Grischa Lichtenberger, Imaginary Forces, Inigo Kennedy, IORI, Italo Johnson, John Osborne, Kann Records, Kassem Mosse, Knarf Rellöm, Kondaktor, Lake People, Mix Mup, Mikrodisko, Modal Analysis, Modern Trips, Moerbeck, NX1, OAKE, Opal Tapes, Raster Noton, Redhead, Roebin de Freitas, Repitch, Semantica, Sektor Evolution, Shaped Noise, Simon 12345 and the Lasertwins, Sleeparchive, Sonic Groove, Subjected, Surgeon, Svreca, Teams, Torsun, Transhumans, Vault Records, Yuji Kondo / Steven Porter, Yves de Mey


More information on :

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Eye for an Ear Festival, Berlin

Monday, 24 June 2013 18:14

Eye for an Ear Festival, at NK Elsen str 52 2 HH (second backyard), 12059 Berlin  /  From June 24 to July 1

NK is an artist run independent non-profit organization that is dedicated to Sound Arts, founded in 2008 by Julian Percy and Farahnaz Hatam. NK organizes public events that promote non-mainstream cultural production. As a hybrid space, NK is a meeting point, that attempts to cover the gap between academic institutional spaces and the independent cultural agents of Berlin.  « Eye for an Ear » is an audio and visual festival is curated by the NK, this event was made possible thanks to the generous support of the EU Gruntvig.

During one week, presentations, lectures, screenings and workshops will be organized at the NK for free, and concerts on the evenings at a nominal charge.


Workshop : An independent artist-run platform for the avant-garde in Berlin

Experts on synesthesia, cross-perception, transmodality, graphical sound, optical synthesis, SuperCollider, Panda3D, Cinder, live coding, Russian avant-garde, optical films, plasma and more.

MONDAY June 24th

- The Art of Shader Programming Workshop taught by Fredrik Olofsson / 12:00-17:00

location: NK

How to program shaders to make realtime graphics with audio signals as input material. Aimed at people with a bit of knowledge in programming, but will also be accessible for others. A lot of examples to hack will be provided - you should provide the sound via your favorite sound files or synthesis programs.

- Malte Steiner: Realtime Audio Visual performances with a game engine / 17:30-18:30

location: NK

Presentation of recent work with the open source game engine Panda3D programmed in Python and can import complex, bone controlled animations which can be made for instance with Blender

- Wajid Yaseen- synaesthesia/transmodal Lecture / 19:30-20:30 
location: NK

'transmodality and the sonic body' How the body integrates our senses to make a meaningful understanding of any given experience in the world, and that the degree of cross-modal integration ie how much one sense modulates another, is highly idiosyncratic... conveyed with examples of sound and visual crossover....


TUESDAY June 25th 
*Recommended Event* 

- Sound Vision & Time 
Book Presentation by Andrey Smirnov "Sound in Z. Experiments in Sound and Electronic Music in Early 20th Century Russia." 
Installation & Performance by Rob Mullender 
Performance by Mariska De Groot 

*At Atrium im Pergamon Palais: Georgenstr. 47 10117 Berlin*


- Derek Holzer (lecture) / 21:15- 23:00 
location: NK 

"A Brief History of Optical Synthesis"

The technology of direct optical synthesis arose with the first sound-on-film motion pictures. In the 1930's, several designs for optical synthesizers were produced in the USSR, Germany and United States, with a handful even being commercially realized with to great amount of techno-utopian hype. The future of sound, we were assured, was 
made of light.

THURSDAY June 27th 

- The Art of SuperCollider Workshop taught by Chris Jeffs / 12:00-17:00
location: NK

Aimed at beginners, and with a focus on practical action, this one day workshop serves as an introduction to creating audio and graphics with code.

- Film Screenings & Lecture Presentations / 19:00-22:00
location: NK

-Sandra Nauman- ‘Seeing Sound – Mary Ellen Bute (1906–1983)’ 

“In the 1930s Mary Ellen Bute belonged to the pioneers of abstract film in the USA; in the 1950s she was one of the first filmmakers to explore the possibilities of electronic image generation. In her short films she began to transfer the principles of musical composition to the creation of visual materials and tried various ways of linking sound and image. 

- Rob Mullender- Film Screening and Lecture Presentation of Guy Sherwin’s Optical films from the 70’s: Night Train & Sound Track 

- J Milo Taylor- Snooky the Chimp (#8 You'll be Surprised)

An anti-work. a counter-score. an audio-visual exploration of obsolescence, transformation and media anarchaeology

FRIDAY June 28th / 12:00-17:00
location: NK

Installation by Moritz Fehr: "A Person was here"

"A Person was here" is a stereoscopic 3D film with an ambisonic multichannel soundtrack. An experimental approach in connecting spatial images of the "hinterland" of Los Angeles with spatially rendered "hidden" sounds and noises.


((Performance order as listed here))

- "DEPARTURE" _ 35' intermedia concert by Emidio Buchinho+João Silva+Pedro Lopes

- TOWA: Marta Zapparoli (Prepared tapes & self made devices) & Julie Rousse (Laptop)

- Mikomikona: Birgit Schneider & Andreas Eberlein

- John Hegre & Gisle Frøysland an analog video/noise session

- Derek Holzer: sounds, electronics

- redFrik alias for livecoding improvisations and audiovisual feedback systems.

- Lumisokea's music takes cues from dub, bassmusic & musique concrète, using vintage synthesizers (ARP 2600, Prophet V, EMS VCS3, Korg MS-20), prepared/just intonation, piano,field recordings and cello.

- Restlichtverstärker: Servando Barreiro, Malte Steiner


Find more information about the concerts on NK’s website :


SATURDAY June 29th

((Performance order as listed here))

- Audiovisual anarchivism by Hannes Hoelzl & Alberto de Campo

- Pedro Lopes processing analogue residues of vinyl discs, with turntables, laptop and PD

- performance by Wajid Yaseen & Colin Hacklander with Frekdrik Olofsson visuals

- Stereophonic Solar Return: Jonathan Gowthorpe / Julien Ottavi / Jenny Pickett

- Stereophonic Solar Return: Jonathan Gowthorpe / Julien Ottavi / Jenny Pickett

- John Hegre & Greg pope -Cipher Screen is a live art piece using 2 prepared 16mm film projectors with black film loops and a live sound feed.

- U.K.I. viral performance LIVE CODE LIVE SPAM by Shu Lea Cheang- A 70 minute non-stop hyper-jam session.


Find more information about the concerts on NK’s website :



- Alfredo Ciannameo 
Viewing MONDAY to SUNDAY June 24-29th 
location: NK

"Ionesis is a sonic plasma performance/installation consisting of three multi-electrode discharge tubes which were originally invented by the scientist Nikola Tesla. These 'tubes' transform six electronic audio channels into twelve high voltage sources, initiating an electro-sonic reaction in light plasma as a result. The focus of the work lies in investigating the discharging qualities of plasma. When an electrode discharges the electric field generated by this (electrode) interacts with other electric fields also discharging electrodes within the tube. This result visually into a complex configuration of light cells that are intertwined with one another. The conduction of light is synchronized with the sound in the space. Based on the synaesthetic relation between light and acoustics, ionesis conjures up an immersive cosmological experience".

- Wolfgang Bittner
Viewing MONDAY to SUNDAY June 24-29th 
location: NK

In the installation Circular Shift, Wolfgang Bittner continues his experiments in expanding 2-D projection into spatial arrangements. By means of fragmentation, dissection and layering, the projected image is transformed into three-dimensional structures. Composing both physical structure as well as projected imagery from fundamental geometric elements, their interplay creates a new aesthetic entity. Temporal events are transformed into spatial stimuli and the interferences of geometric patterns generate rhythmic sequences in space.


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